TEDxClayton 2020

Speaker Application

In the spirit of remaining aligned to TED’s mission of discovering ideas and sparking conversations, we ask you to consider the following before submitting your application:

  • TEDx talks are not just personal stories. If you want to apply with a personal story, you must draw an idea or clear lesson from that story to qualify for consideration.

  • TEDx talks are not lectures or motivational speeches. You must have a unique outlook or idea about your subject to qualify for consideration. If it is a generic concept without support it will be rejected.

  • TEDx talks are not a platform to showcase your brand. Please note, we will consider professional speakers, however, we will require a unique outlook or idea to be shared.

TEDx talks take certain evidence or observations and draws a conclusion, this is your central thesis or idea. If you’d like to read further about TEDx guidelines, please visit here.

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