Ed Reggi

Ed is a lifelong storyteller who has the stories to prove it. Growing up in the Big Apple, Ed honed his acting by sneaking into the NBC studios located right across the street from his Brooklyn home. He later studied improv at Chicago’s historic The Second City which led him to apprentice with Paul Sills at Wisconsin Theater Game Center. While working as a professional actor, entertaining mostly corporate audiences, Ed soon recognized the interest of applying skills learned from improv–off the stage. His audiences craved the ability to tell authentic stories while being in the moment. Today, Reggi is a leader in Applied Improvisation. His clients vary from the Fortune 500 to small NGO’s. He teaches at Saint Louis University School of Business, Southern Illinois University Theater and Dance, Washington University School of Medicine and Center of Creative Arts (COCA). Upon moving to St. Louis, Ed managed to inaugurate a few successful local St. Louis events including the 48-Hour Film Project, St. Louis Improv and Fringe Festivals.