Brandon Dempsey

Husband, Father, Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Global Non-Profit Leader

Brandon spends as much time exploring the world with his family while/or riding a BMW motorcycle as he can. When he’s not adventuring he’s collaborating with the owners of $25-250 million companies to help them re-position their company to unlock growth.  A serial entrepreneur, Brandon is the co-owner of a marketing firm goBRANDgo!, and a real estate developer. He is also the author of Shut Up And Go!- A Millennial’s Guide to Figuring Out What You Want And How To Get It.  And as the Global Membership Chair of Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), Brandon works to bring entrepreneurial tools, community, and support to entrepreneurs all over the world. He’s also actively engaged in several youth business programs.

Brandon lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife, daughter, and 2 dogs. They adventure every weekend: hiking, rock climbing, dirt bike riding, exploring, or playing at a local park.